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When a player’s game falls apart:

The situation, the cause, and the first-of-its-kind total solution designed for golfers of all abilities.

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The Situation:

Over the past 25-years, the game of golf has evolved from an outdoor recreational activity into a sport with world-class athletes. Today, golfers are athletes with a unique set of physical and mental skills who train similarly to athletes in other sports. Golfers have to endure 4-6 hour rounds that can be physically and mentally taxing and must be disciplined to train hard to perform at a high level. Yet very little in sports nutrition has been done to support the golf athlete, until now.

The Conclusion:

Tour players work on their mental game because it helps them perform. It can be the difference-maker for making or missing the cut, or winning or losing a tournament. Today, tour players realize that optimizing nutrition is necessary to play at peak performance. Feeling good during a round helps them make better decisions and keep their mind on the ball.

When the competition is so high, that’s an edge they can’t afford to be without. This can also be said for everyday golfers who strive to shoot their lowest scores, perform in their club championships or local tournaments, and just be able to play a full round of golf to its fullest with focus and good energy.

DF-18 is the first functional sports nutrition solution designed to support a player for an entire round in one serving.

Single DriveForce Stick Pack
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Mental Drivers

A small selection of high ROI micronutrients that improve focus and motor function, to help your body cope under pressure in the moments that matter most on the course.

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Blood Flow Matrix

Blood flow and blood pressure regulating ingredients that work to delay fatigue and brain fog, while helping the body better recover and cope with stress.

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Fluid Balancers

A highly effective combination that hyper hydrates your body, helping it better manage heat stress and endure for a successful 4-6 hours in the sun.

For the Player, Approved by Golf Professionals. No sugar, no caffeine.

On and Off Course Benefits

  • Enhances Focus and Concentration
  • Reduces Fatigue and Mental Stress
  • Improves Muscle and Exercise Performance
  • Sustains Hydration
  • Supports Cardiovascular System and Heart Health
  • Supports Healthy Immune System
  • Decrease Recovery Time
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Informed Sport Certified

The highest international certification a nutrition product can achieve. A required certification for professional athletes, top performers, and Olympians.

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National Golf Foundation Executive Member

We are proud of our Executive membership with the NGF and steadfast in our belief that any solution tailored to golfers should align with the needs of the community.

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