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Make the Turn,
Finish Strong™

Playing at your best just got easier.

Introducing DF-18™: Golf’s first-ever pre-round performance blend, designed to keep you at your best for a full 18.



Phenomenal product that provides great focus and clarity but especially a sense of calm. I take it before golf rounds but have found myself taking it everyday as a morning “vitamin shake”. Provides energy and stamina for the whole day – highly recommend this product.

I didn’t feel lethargic, nor did I experience a decline in my mental focus. This is a must if you want to experience your best rounds, no matter your age. If you want to have a better overall golfing experience then I recommend highly that you put DriveForce DF-18 in your bag. I think you’ll be amazed as I was at the results.

I guzzled down my first ever DF-18 and proceeded to shoot my best round ever! I started the round out with a par, bogeyed hole 2, and finished with 16 straight pars to shoot 1 over!!! I got to give a lot of the credit to staying focused on each and every shot (something I struggle to do on the best of days). I never felt that back 9 let down. This stuff really works!

All in one, single serving, pre-round performance insurance.

Our premium performance blend is packed with healthy ingredients and carries the promise of sustained focus, hydration, and stamina for an entire round.

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Informed Sport Certified

The highest international certification a nutrition product can achieve. A required certification for professional athletes, top performers, and Olympians.

National Golf Foundation

We are proud of our Executive membership with the NGF and steadfast in our belief that any solution tailored to golfers should align with the needs of the community.

DriveForce's Df-18 Stick pack
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Helps direct, and sustain fluid balance in the body for optimal performance.


Whether you are teeing off or putting on the green, our ingredients were specifically chosen to keep you calm and focused for better performance on the course.

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Improves blood flow and blood pressure to help delay fatigue and brain fog.

You will play better when your nutrition is dialed in

Professionals using DF-18 on and off the course daily.

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Adam Kolloff

2021 New England PGA Teacher of the Year


"Your game is more than just technique. You have to be physically and mentally ready to play. DF-18 gives your body what it needs to bring out your best."

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Alison Walshe

LPGA Tour Professional


"Taking DF-18 for a competitive round or a day of practice and training is a huge advantage for my game and my health."

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Ingredients chosen to help shoot lower scores

Our innovative formula contains 20+ ingredients that will specifically enhance your game while also helping you lead a healthier lifestyle

Product with purpose

  • Real Ingredients
  • Real Results
  • No Sugar Added
  • No Caffeine
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Feel Better,
Play Stronger™.

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