Maximize Your Game with DF-18, golf's most comprehensive
performance and wellness product.

Feel Better, Play Stronger™

Your New Pre-round Routine

Don't let your body get in the way of playing your best. Mix one packet of DF-18 on the range and drink as you warm up. Finish by the time you tee off or by the end of the first few holes and sip on water for the rest of the round.

Now focus on your game with the confidence that your body is primed to finish strong.


A perfect balance of electrolytes for a full 18 holes and Hydromax©, a compound that aids the body in fluid retention, thereby improving protection against dehydration.


Whether you are teeing off or putting on the green, our ingredients were specifically chosen to keep you calm and focused for better performance on the course.


Improves blood flow and blood pressure to help delay fatigue and brain fog so that you can avoid blowing up holes on the back nine.

What the professionals say about us
What the professionals say about us
"Your game is more than just technique. You have to be physically and mentally ready to play. DF-18 gives your body what it needs to bring out your best."
— Adam Kolloff, 2021 NEPGA Teacher of the Year
What the professionals say about us
"Taking DF-18 for a competitive round or a day of practice and training is a huge advantage for my game and my health."
— Alison Walshe, LPGA Tour Professional
What the professionals say about us
“It’s a clean, healthy product that noticeably changes my experience with hydration, focus, stamina and recovery. I feel more "in tune” and have been using it for rounds or long days of lessons. I highly recommend it!"
— Brian Jacobs, PGA, Lead Coach Golf Channel Academy

Make the Turn,
Finish Strong™